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Cowshed Spa Line

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Note: Complimentary Cowshed hand gel with any Cowshed purchase. One to a customer. This will automatically be packaged with your order by Rabbit Hole.

Made of the best quality ingredients. Vegan. No Paragons, Mineral oils, or Silicones. Every Cowshed product contains a high ratio of premium essential oils. Made in England. These products are used in every SOHO Spa House and Cowshed Spa. Always an indulgent experience.

Cozy.  Spicy floral notes of Rose Absolute , Patchouly and Cinnamon essential oils

Relax.  Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils

Replenish. Red mandarin Bitter orange and grapefruit essential oils

Indulge. Floral blend of Madagascar ,Ylang ylang, rose ,and Palmarosa essential oils

Active.Lemon Grass Ginger,and Rosemary essential oils

Mother. Sea Buckthorn essential oil which is gloriously rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Soothing and nourishing for new and expectant mothers.

Weight 5 oz

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